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Simple Ways to Save Energy and Lower Your Bills

One of the best parts about our job is the way we can empower our customers to achieve lower utility bills. No one likes paying bills and fees, but ultimately, it is a necessity if you want your family to be safe and comfortable in your home. This is why energy-efficiency is so important. There are so many ways to optimize the performance of your HVAC units that we couldn’t possibly mention every single one in this blog. However, we will try to give you some broad and practical tips that you can implement to lower your energy costs by being efficient.

Invest in Your Home with Efficient Appliances

There is so much you can do to be energy efficient, but the best results will ultimately come from some of the bigger energy users in your home. Things like your washer, dryer, fridge, air conditioner, and heater use a lot of energy at a fairly consistent rate. If you want to take a big chunk out of your energy expenditures, the best way is to re-invest in EnergyStar versions of these appliances. They will use less energy and eventually pay for themselves over the lifespan of the unit.

For your furnace, we recommend you look into the AFUE rating of any new system that you end up getting. This is the measure of efficiency for your furnace. More specifically, it measures the amount of fuel that is converted into heat for your home. Inefficient furnaces won’t use as much fuel for the sole purpose of heating your home and thus waste energy.

Smart Thermostats

Another key investment you can make in your home is through a smart thermostat. It’s such a great tool because it can improve your normal habits. A normal thermostat requires constant monitoring if you want to optimize its efficiency. A smart thermostat can do all of that for you. They are typically very user-friendly and easy to interface with. They aren’t unobtainable expensive either! The typical smart thermostat can pay for itself in jsut a few months.

Home Energy Audits and Inspections

Now that we’ve covered your appliances, we need to look into other areas of your home where you could be losing efficiency. A home energy audit is the best way to do this. With a professional eye, we can spot the areas of your home that could use some help. Little things like leaks in your ductwork or improper weatherstripping can be easily fixed so that your HVAC units work more efficiently.

Establish Good Habits

We’ve spoken a little bit already to this point, but we want to give you some tangible tools that you can use moving forward. Given that winter is on its way, we wanted to give you a few tips that can save energy during the colder months.

Winter Tips

Insulate and cover your windows. Something as simple as heavy drapes or an insulation film can keep heat trapped indoors

Reverse your ceiling fan. When it’s warm inside, so many people think of their fan to cool them off. Many don’t realize that if your fan is turned in the opposite direction it can warm up the space.

Overall, we want the message of this to be that energy efficiency is obtainable and completely doable. You can implement these good habits and reinvest in your home when you can. There’s always a way to improve and we’d love to help you do it in any way we can!

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