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How You Can Prepare Your Heater Before Winter Hits

We are now fully in fall, which is crazy because it doesn’t seem that long ago that 2020 started. We wanted to give you some advice and some helpful tips so you can prepare your heater for the coming winter months.

Get a Tune-Up

Your furnace is going to be working hard for you over the entire winter. You need to prepare it. This is like the preseason football workouts of the HVAC world. If you prepare well, you’re going to get good results.

We see so many fixable problems when we do these kinds of tune-ups. Everything for simple mechanical issues, air duct leaks, and even problems that can lead directly to carbon monoxide poisoning, which you absolutely want to avoid at all costs.

Things like this go completely unnoticed by the average homeowner, especially by those who have had no reason to inspect their furnace in months.

Winterize Your Doors and Windows

You can do a lot to make things easier for your furnace. Adding weatherstripping under your door and around your windows is so key because it keeps heat locked in. Remember you pay for the heat in your home, so why not make the most of it by preventing it from escaping so easily.

Overall, the best way to enjoy the winter season is to be able to enjoy the winter clothing, but be able to come home to a warm and cozy house. If you want to make that a reality, it’s vital that you prepare ahead of time.

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