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What is the Ideal Sleeping Temperature?

Many of us have our own rituals for a good night’s sleep. Whether you count sheep, use weighted blankets, eye masks, or white noise, almost everyone has their own sleeping routine. If you have trouble sleeping, you’ve probably tried a bunch of them. There is so much science doesn’t fully understand about sleeping, but we can learn some vital and applicable information from the sleep studies that have been conducted over the years.

One of our favorite examples is sleeping temperature. Some people run hot and some people are always cold, but overall we know the best temperature for a good night’s sleep.

What the Science Says

The answer is a brisk 68 degrees. This is chillier than you might have guessed, but there are a lot of studies that back it up. We’ll explain. You’ve probably heard of circadian rhythms before. This is your body’s internal clock. As you get ready to sleep, your internal body temperature goes down. This is because your body naturally prefers to be colder when you sleep.

This is why it is best to keep the temperature in your room on the cold side of things. If it’s too hot, your body will start to heat up signaling that it’s time to start waking up. Studies have shown that more people experience disrupted sleep patterns in the summer. Things like this really back up the fact that colder is better for the health of your sleep.

As HVAC pros we know that people can get very picky about there preferred temperature. Don’t force yourself to sleep in such a cold temperature if you don’t like it. It may help you sleep, but it may not be for you. There are plenty of other ways to prepare yourself for sleep if you don’t want to run your AC bill up too much. Luckily, we can help you install an efficient system if you need to rely on your AC to get you to sleep well!

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