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3 Ways You’re Hurting Your Home’s Air Quality

There are the infamous deadly indoor air pollutants that we all know about, such as asbestos or carbon monoxide. But the real cause for concern is the sneaky, silent pollutants in our everyday items. In today’s blog, our indoor air quality specialists are going over three surprising sources of pollutants that are hurting the air you breathe, and the steps you can take to protect your home and health.

1. Using cleaning products and air fresheners with chemical ingredients

These household items contain ingredients that release toxic fumes into the air in the form of volatile organic compounds. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, health effects include headaches, damage to the central nervous system, throat irritation, and more. Take these steps to reduce exposure to VOCs:

  • Open the windows and doors when using products that emit VOCs.

  • Purchase products with low levels of VOCs or none at all.

  • If you do use them, follow the instructions on the label carefully.

2. Smoking indoors

Both cigarettes and e-cigs do damage to the air around you, and the products can seep into surfaces in your home. There are nearly 5,000 toxins in tobacco that can get trapped indoors. To keep your home safe, refrain from smoking indoors.

3. Neglecting to dust or vacuum

Allergens and dust mites will begin to collect if you don’t keep up with regular cleaning. Make vacuuming carpet, wiping down countertops, and dusting surfaces part of your weekly routine to help minimize allergy symptoms.

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