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Products to Consider if You’re Concerned About IAQ

Coughing, sneezing, and itchy eyes are just a few signs of poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Even on the beautiful coast between Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Rincon, Georgia, we face plenty of air quality threats. Here are some common IAQ problems along with the solutions that we recommend.

Pollen and Filtration

If you’ve had allergy attacks caused by tree pollen or other triggers, a whole-house filtration system can help. These products are exponentially more effective than disposable return filters. They can clean indoor air up to eight times per hour, and the filters are long-lasting. The air resistance is minimal, so your air conditioner won’t have to work harder.

Germs and UV Lamps

Air cleaners remove some germs, but UV lamps do a better job at eliminating these threats. Bacteria, mold, and fungi don’t stand a chance once these lights are installed. Ultraviolet rays sterilize dark, damp, areas where pathogens thrive. These microbes cause sore throats, coughing, and respiratory issues. They can also contribute to musty odors. With a UV lamp that’s replaced annually, you can say goodbye to these pesky contaminants and their effects.

Dust Mites and Dehumidification

Lowering indoor humidity is the most effective way to eliminate dust mites that trigger allergies and asthma. A whole-house dehumidifier can combat the humidity that’s naturally high along the coast. These effective products require minimal maintenance. They can sense humidity levels automatically to keep you comfortable.

Pollution and Ventilation

Airborne pollutants can build up in homes that are tightly sealed. If this sounds like your house, a Farmer’s Heating & Air Conditioning technician might recommend an energy-recovery ventilator. This unit releases stale indoor air and pulls in fresh outdoor air simultaneously. It removes humidity and uses stored energy so that the new air is perfectly comfortable in the winter and summer.

These solutions can correct common air quality problems that are specific to your home. You can check out these Trane and Carrier products online or learn more by calling our main office today at (843) 508-9779.