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4 Ways Our Maintenance Plans Help You to Save

In today’s economy, with constantly rising prices, it is important to make an effort to save every dollar you can. While most investments you hear about sound too good to be true – and they usually are – investing in your HVAC system is akin to pouring money into your car for a tuneup. Signing up for annual preventive maintenance offers many benefits for your Claxton, Georgia, home. When you choose from the HVAC maintenance plans Farmer’s Heating & Air provide, you can increase home comfort and reduce your energy costs.

Reduce Monthly Energy Costs

As with a car that burns more gas because it hasn’t been maintained, your HVAC system will waste more energy to provide air conditioning if it isn’t regularly serviced. Not only does the strain of heating and cooling season after season shorten your system’s lifespan, but it can also increase your monthly energy bill by up to 15 percent.

Prevent Major Breakdowns and Expensive Repairs

While you can gauge your monthly energy costs, you can’t predict when your HVAC system might break down. But one thing is for sure: whether in two weeks, two months or two years, you’ll eventually have to deal with an expensive repair or replacement because of neglect. With a maintenance plan, you ensure your heating and cooling system is under professional care. Regular inspections of your HVAC system allow for diagnosing of minor issues before they become big problems. The more strain on your HVAC system, the sooner you’ll have to replace it. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your HVAC system. Less strain means more gain – in time and your pockets.

Keep Your Family and Home Safe

HVAC systems are complex. Trying to maintain yours without professional help can lead to health hazards and put your property at risk. For example, a furnace has many electrical wires that could pose a fire risk if handled incorrectly. A maintenance plan ensures that your furnace and other parts of your HVAC system are handled by a qualified technician. We value your household’s comfort and safety.

If there’s one HVAC maintenance task you can perform yourself that will help you save, it’s changing your HVAC filter regularly. For more information about maintenance plans and air filters contact the pros at Farmer’s Heating & Air Conditioning by calling (843) 508-9779.