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3 Affordable Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re coughing and sneezing more than usual while you’re at your home in Rincon, Georgia – or perhaps one of our technicians has raised indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns. Whatever the case, there’s a solution to cleaner air and improved health. You can address your indoor air quality problems with three simple and inexpensive fixes.

Buy Indoor House Plants

You can visit your local garden center and pick up houseplants that can tackle a variety of IAQ issues. Add plants throughout your home, paying attention to their need for sunlight. Plants absorb the toxins that sabotage your IAQ, which means that they can help purify the air in every room of your home.

Choose plants that aren’t toxic to pets. Additionally, if you aren’t confident in your ability to care for plants, choose those with low maintenance needs. Succulents and ferns don’t demand much attention, so they won’t die on you if you forget about them for a few days.

Look Upward to Reduce Dust in Your Home

Dust accumulation can quickly harm your IAQ, so consider looking up. When we clean our homes, we often cover the floors and low surfaces thoroughly, but we forget about the ceiling fixtures, fans, and high cabinets that can attract dust throughout the year. At least once a month, grab a step stool and use a duster to clean those hard-to-reach areas.

To avoid double-duty cleanup, put a tarp or sheet underneath whatever you’re cleaning. Most of the dust will settle on it, so you can take it outside, shake it, and throw it in the washing machine. Or, if you’re using a tarp, just hose it down on the driveway.

Brush the Dog to Remove Pet Dander

Pet dander allergies prove extremely common, but they shouldn’t mean an eviction notice for your favorite four-legged pal. Brush your dog every day. Additionally, groom pets regularly and keep them away from bedding or chairs that are hard to clean or those that easily absorb pet dander or attract hair.

Ready to improve your indoor air? Follow these steps to make your home healthier.

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